Artist Diaries

Finding my voice….

3 years ago I made the decision that I wanted to become a full time artist. I took the Milan Art Online Mastery Program and I’m in the process of creating my portfolio. It’s a journey of experimentation and creating various kinds of paintings to discover my voice. I wouldn’t

Expressions in Art

                                                  MINOO POTHEN I have been in the mental health profession for more than 25 years.I have always been fascinated by art and during our tenure of training- we had a patient who would paint and the department would help auction her paintings and

Finding Myself

My fascination towards art forms started at a very early age, I could sing and dance, but I never thought I’d be able to draw, let alone paint. As I became older, I was able to appreciate paintings, different artists, their styles, but I never picked up a pencil or

learning, practising, growing…..

                                                        Nidhi Charan The lock down in 2020 brought a multitude of anxiety, fear and worries into everyone’s lives. Being at home 24 x7 brought out the worst and the best for all of us. Also, it reminded us of the ephemeral

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Crocheting my way out of anxiety

My foray into crocheting was when a friend recommended knitting as a hobby. I had thought of learning crochet last year after ordering a set of crochet needles online. So, instead of knitting, one Sunday, I looked up a YouTube tutorial on crochet for beginners and started my crochet journey.

Of Dreams, Hopes and Transformation…..

                                             Khushi This was my dream ( going on pointe) – A dream of a little girl – A dream, that felt so out of my reach. As far back as I can remember, dance has always been my companion. I danced when I was happy, I  danced when I

Feeling abundant

                                               Sherin Mathews There was a time I felt depressed when I heard my canvases were thrown out. After that, In spite of having empty canvases with me, I couldn’t hold a brush in my hand. I had developed a block. It was almost painful. My friends

Love and light

Art journals are personal journeys and life’s notes you jot down every step of the way. They are like poems which you have penned on different moods and turns of your existence. My Art journalling started about 3  years ago when my daughter bought me a small blank page book

Altered Art Journal

                                                         Rashmi Kaushik I generally paint and draw while waiting long hours in a hospital while my loved one undergoes treatment that usually lasts over four hours. Probably meditation or maybe a prayer is what I describe my art process. Painting, reading ,

The Fantasy Garden Series

Colouring My Fifties.

Ruchira Mittal – Fluid Artist When in school, I shuddered at the very thought of art class. Submitting school projects was a nightmare. Later, I charmed my friends with artistic proclivities to help my children with their (complicated) art projects in school. All I could ever draw was a hibiscus