Expressions in Art

                                                  MINOO POTHEN

I have been in the mental health profession for more than 25 years.I have always been fascinated by art and during our tenure of training- we had a patient who would paint and the department would help auction her paintings and also the walls of the outpatient department has her works displayed.

I noticed that her paintings would portray her various moods and thoughts. During my tenure as a consultant, I encouraged my clients to express their thoughts through art- be it music or words or paintings.

My niece is trained in the history of art and also dabbles in art. She introduced me to art therapy courses. So, I was able to attend an intensive two day colour therapy workshop for helping persons with mental health issues.

Since then, I have found that the use of water colours can be a very simple cost effective, easily practised method of therapy. The colours used and the mindfulness therapy that is combined with the same- makes it a vehicle for change for the better. I was very happy to chance on the white paper creative and join the page.

I am interested in getting trained and certified in art therapy sometime in future. Till then, I continue to use colours to change perspectives and channel towards changing emotions and as a result the associated behaviours.

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