The Fantasy Garden Series

Colouring My Fifties.

Ruchira Mittal – Fluid Artist

When in school, I shuddered at the very thought of art class.

Submitting school projects was a nightmare.

Later, I charmed my friends with artistic proclivities to help my children with their (complicated) art projects in school. All I could ever draw was a hibiscus flower, a scenery, which I copied from a painting in our home and a cartoon of a poodle wearing a large bow on its head.

Interestingly, I grew up appreciating art. My father is a connoisseur and I studied Literature- both factors fuelled my love for art.

But ‘making’ Art was not for me.

I could write and paint pictures with my words though.

Painter Mine

Keep painting that picture, Oh painter mine,

Use all those wondrous hues

I am beside, holding a palette for you.

I see a stroke of brilliant red

Is it how our passion bred?

There is a field of fortune green

Through its beauty Nature preens

The pink in those flowers

Is stunning too

Makes me think of me and you

The sunlit sky of a warm gold

The canvas spills with beauty untold

I stand bewitched swathed in your colours so true

My heart’s in a swirl

My fingers itch to curl

To draw those strokes with you

Paint on, that picture, oh painter mine

Use all those wonderous hues

See I am holding a palette for you…


Lately, I discovered the possibilities of a stark canvas and the magic of paints and fell in love.

I play with paints, albeit in a thoughtful manner.

My children look at me with delighted awe, exclaiming the hippie in me has emerged.

Well, if there indeed was a hippie hiding in my Capricorn hide, about time she emerged.

The Fantasy Garden Series

A fantasy garden.

The creation series


Because, now I am colouring my fifties!

I am a fluid artist. I work with acrylic paints.

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