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What is the white paper creative?


For an individual with a creative bent of mind, the road is often long and winding — but certainly, fruitful. Social media has played its part in aiding youngsters to put out their talent and we have had our share of YouTube superstars and Instagram mavericks.

But the virtual platform lacks the personal element and the expertise and efficiency that comes in with creative discussions and debates, exchange of ideas, artists collaborations and student-mentor interaction.

The White Paper Creative is a place where ‘artists and connoisseurs, meet, ponder, train and experiment’. A space that fosters the growth of art and aims to influence society, initiate conversations between artists of varying backgrounds and provide quality training to community and aspiring artists.

Art as therapy- the essence...

Event by Anu Ramachandran on the 27th

Art as therapy- the essence of what I’m trying to do through art therapy is to help people use and have fun with the creative process.Non- clinical art therapy more flexible and creative.
Here are some characteristics of non-clinical art therapy:

  • Doesn’t involve diagnosis
  • More well-being focused
  • Can involve both private and community-based, open type of work
  • May integrate different disciplines like education, coaching, spiritual practices, fine art etc
  • Often sees art and art therapy as integral to people’s lifestyle, rather than an adjunct to treatment
  • Can specialize in various life themes like grief, relationships, racism, sexism, spirituality, self-worth, fulfillment, etc

Art and Therapy Workshops

 Our art as therapy workshops are aimed to provide you with opportunity to tune into your thoughts and feelings,to approach these thoughts with an attitude of acceptance and curiosity, free of judgement. This is an opportunity for self reflection and discovery as well as an opportunity to reprogram your thoughts.

We provide a platform for everyone to feel inspired, creative and like an artist. All you need to do is relax, enjoy, paint and create!

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