Of Dreams, Hopes and Transformation…..


This was my dream ( going on pointe) – A dream of a little girl – A dream, that felt so out of my reach.

As far back as I can remember, dance has always been my companion. I danced when I was happy, I  danced when I was sad, I danced for no reason. Movement became my escape from reality.

One day, I discovered Ballet. Awestruck, with its beauty, grace, and elegance, I decided to take on the  challenge to learn this ethereal classical dance form. Little did I know that behind the softness and grace  of a ballerina,lay an iron like strength, incomparable to any dance form I had come across yet. My  dream to dance on pointe turned into an obsession. I had no mentors or guides. With no authentic  training or good nutrition, I lost my balance, injuring my ankle and shattering my dreams forever. Or at  least, that’s what I thought.

In 2011, I stumbled into Yen’s World. Broken dreams and a broken ankle was all that I had. I was lost.  Yen’s World found me. That’s when my training truly began.

Amidst the beauty of nature, I found my love back, my passion, my soul, my spirit and my purpose. I  learnt to let go of my obsession and embrace my weaknesses as much as my strengths. In doing so, I not only got on to pointe, but also found Bharatanatyam, Piano, covering the whole spectrum of performing arts, from sa, ri, ga, ma and do, re, mi to thillanas and leaps. Thanks to the amazing mentors, trainers  and the support system at Yen’s World which believed in me and my dreams more than I did. They  uncovered a whole new world to me, which I didn’t know existed. They broadened my perspectives and  opened new vistas for me.

Though, now, the goal itself had ceased to be the centre of my universe, rather I had started to enjoy  the whole process and the journey to get there. I battled depression, self doubt and so many other  hurdles along the way. I learnt to understand and connect with nature in its true sense, taking  inspiration from its raw beauty and intelligence. I learnt about sustainable living and the climate crisis.  Saving our planet became my new mission.

It’s been a decade now, of finding the courage to believe in my dreams and turning them into reality,  which took a natural extension in the form of On Pointe – the classical ballet school, where young girls  now train to turn their dreams into reality, through authentic training, mentoring, academic discussions  and most importantly finding themselves.

Through music, nature and love of so many four legged ones and two, I had discovered the joy of art in  more ways than one.

Yen’s World – a philosophy, a way of life, a new sustainable world, for a better tomorrow, is open to everyone who wishes to be a part of the adventure.

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