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Crocheting my way out of anxiety

My foray into crocheting was when a friend recommended knitting as a hobby. I had thought of learning crochet last year after ordering a set of crochet needles online. So, instead of knitting, one Sunday, I looked up a YouTube tutorial on crochet for beginners and started my crochet journey. I struggled for 3 days before finally managing the first row/ chain. Every loop felt like an achievement, and I documented it by sharing pictures of the squiggly chain (that is the first step in crochet) with my friends and family.

In the process, I came across articles highlighting the benefits of hobbies like knitting and crochet in reducing anxiety. As time passed, I completed a headband for a friend’s newborn baby, a bucket hat, and even graduated to more complicated techniques of making roses. Working on each project felt therapeutic, and I found it very soothing. Sometimes, I even started my day by crocheting a few lines, to calm myself and start the day on a peaceful note. Research Shows that crochet and similar hobbies help people to self-soothe and regain equilibrium, and crochet did exactly that and more for me.

My latest project is crocheting on hoops to making earrings. I will soon undertake a big project of crocheting a blanket, something that my mother did years ago and gifted to me on my birthday.  

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