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                                                    Nidhi Charan

The lock down in 2020 brought a multitude of anxiety, fear and worries into everyone’s lives. Being at home 24 x7 brought out the worst and the best for all of us. Also, it reminded us of the ephemeral nature of life. For me personally, it made me want to do all those things which I had always wanted to do but felt I was short of time and encouragement.

My “To do list” included painting in Watercolours. I had dabbled in acrylics over the years amateurishly but was always in awe of watercolours. Watching YouTube videos of artists inspired me to try my hand. One evening while out to buy the “Essentials” before curfew time I stopped and picked up a cake-box of watercolours.
There was no going back after that. I realised that just by researching on
various techniques of watercolour painting and by using videos of some
wonderful artists as my guide, I was able to paint. Now everyday starts with a newly found enthusiasm of deciding on my new subject to paint.
Being an avid plant lover, my natural inclination is to paint botanical and floral subjects. Encouragement from friends and family has been tremendous and I hope to continue my journey. The calmness, healing and meditative effects of paintings are the benefits I am enjoying.

Hope the colours in my artwork brings joy to everyone.

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