Artist Diaries

Artist DiariesCalling you artists, art lovers, and people who work with artists, as guest writers. As we plan to have a Featured Session every month in our website. It would be great to hear your views and ideas and share your Art work. Feel free to be a goofball. Life’s too short for us to all pretend to be serious businesswomen all the time.


  • Art and activism
    • Ultra-specific methods for artists to earn more, improve online presence and social media, etc.
    • Creative collaboration project ideas/projects you’ve done
    • Insider tips- are you a kid’s book or graphics publisher, MFA portfolio reviewer, regularly hire freelancers, or otherwise have behind-the-scenes access? Your perspective is appreciated!
  • Bits of life as an artist. Would you like to give us a virtual tour of your studio? Entertaining stories?
  • Art & Travel: I’d love to hear from life artists, adventurers, and wandering souls!
  • Art events or retreats : That you have been a part of …or aspire to be


A few simple rules:

        • Send ready-to-go posts!
        • No affiliate links within posts
        • Post cannot be previously published on another blog.
        • Grammatically impeccable.
        • Images are welcome (if you own the copyright) but not necessary. This is an art website. So naturally, we like pretty things to look at! Please keep Image size to below 1MB each and a max of 6 images only.
        • Anything around 300 words is best.
        • Submit as Plain text in the form. We will format it!
        • File submissions available are pdf | .doc | .txt .Please keep content file submissions under 2 MB in file size.
        • If files size exceeds the limit in size or number you will be unable to make your submissions. then kindly compress your files and email them at
        • Please keep Image submissions for any post to a total of 5 in number and the combined size not exceeding 10 MB in size.
        • You of course get to write your author byline and can include a photo of yourself to be posted.


I will, of course, give it a read over and determine whether it’s a good fit for the site. If I do turn your post down, please don’t take it personally. It certainly does not mean that your work isn’t good, and you should absolutely try to publish it on other art blogs! I appreciate the hard work that goes into writing a quality blog post.


Call for Artist Submissions

Please Submit your articles/ideas  online.

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If you are unable to submit via website do CONTACT US with your concerns and we shall get back to you.