Artist Diaries

Courage to create

                                                Merly Mathews ‘Creativity takes courage’, said the French Artist, Henri Benoit Matisse. I have incorporated this thought process in my writings and artistry. I believe we need to use our courage as a weapon as well as our guide, to propel us forward in every creative endeavour. I haven’t


End Of The Tunnel

                                                  SANJAY BHAT I’ve always liked how light can completely transform a place. I felt a need to do more than my humdrum advertising day job. Before I knew it, I began playing with lighting; I’d spend weekends scouring junkyards for odd, dismantled, and vintage pieces. My interest soon became

Sudha Murthy

son of the soil

  AKSHITA METRANI I started my  journey during Corona lock down  and this has gone on to being my passion. Never thought it could take me so long to return to this – from the gusto I had as a child to the zeal I feel for it , now

Confluence at NTU!!

May the music be with you!

The first time I saw a keyboard in the house was when I was seven. It was a Casio keyboard, which my Dad had bought Mum as a birthday gift! Like any other excited kid at that age, I decided to claim ownership of this novel entity, by telling Mum


A Spanish Dancer

I consider this painting to be one of my best, I love the colours used and how bright they are! It took me about 13 hours in total and it was a new experience painting on such a large canvas.The most challenging part was getting the shadows on her back


Birthday gift

                Latha Narayanan It was Amma’s birthday  and I wanted to gift her a portrait of her mother – my Ammammai. So dug up an old photograph of hers and started sketching. Morning of Birthday!!! sent the pic of the painting to amma on Whatsapp, I saw the ticks turn

Looking inward. Finding me.

                                                               Shaiqua Vyas I laugh when referred to as an artist – and even feel embarrassed. I painted in school- enjoyed it, but never great…loved standing in front of the wall of inks….the bright vibrant colours shouting out at me! Our art teacher, an eccentric old lady – my

door and bougenvilea

Turkey and Greece- A Travelogue in Paint and Paper

           CHANDRIKA GARG – Art and travel As an artist on the move, this is my third travelogue. On an accidental solo trip to Turkey and Greece, I witnessed the most beautiful sunsets and scenery, delicious local cuisine and met the kindest hosts. I prefer to preserve my memories of


Trisha Pais – Art Showcase

Hello!  My name is Trisha and I am a 17 year old girl in grade 13. Art has been a passion of mine for the past 5 years. Art has always been a form or therapy and fun for me. I tend to paint and draw minorities, when I was