This is me exhausted and the opposite of “put together”.

I am smiling because even though I am tired, I showed up for myself and my goals.

No, I did not hustle.

But the opposite.

I rested and binge watched Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

I needed this rest.

I have been working hard at the studio and my art therapy practice for several weeks that yesterday, I intentionally spent hours watching Netflix.

I know this will help me recharge.

My idea of rest is lounging on the sofa and watching television. Yes, including lunch, followed by a nap. A walk in the garden, watching the fish in the pond while the dogs run around playing, sums up the ideal day.

Your idea of rest could be somewhat the same….or entirely different.

Regardless, rest is a necessity.

I challenge you to take a day off from work in August.

Not to catch up with work or run errands. But to rest, whatever that looks like for you.

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