The whitepaper creative

The goodness of showing up…….


I have begun to question thoughts that bring me pain. No matter how noble they sound.

Especially generational and cultural thought patterns.

here is one I heard all the time growing up and even these days – A long resume does not put you in a good light. It means you are a rolling stone…

Hmmmmmm . NO.

It’s a thought. An opinion. A judgement.

How would you show up if you believed this thought? Exactly. You would keep working at the same job that probably treats you terribly, due to the fear of looking “bad”.

And here is another one I was told, very explicitly – Having your own business is stressful. Business owners are dishonest. You will have sleepless nights.

I cannot tell you how much resistance I had putting myself out there as an artist and art therapy practitioner because on some level I believed this thought. I literally held back from helping so many people. FOR A WHOLE YEAR.

I am done believing this nonsense.

which brings me to this.

My art space – The White Paper Creative – is open now. Now I will not hold back on the goodness that showing up and positive thought work can add to my life.

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