Use art to get to know you

If you’ve ever tried creating art as a means to therapy, you understand how restorative it can be. It has the ability to drive creativity, restore your sense of well-being, and help you overcome anxieties and conflicts.

So, how do you practice creativity? Writing, drawing, painting, embroidery, knitting, cooking and even just coloring can be a powerful means to better mental health. Creating art allows us to disconnect from stress, express our inner thoughts, and even meditate. In recent years, many studies have been conducted about the positive effects art and art therapy can have on our health. So far, the results are promising!

I believe that it is important that you find ways to expose yourself to this powerful therapeutic practice as frequently as possible. Art by definition is the expression of human creativity and imagination. I have learnt that it is indeed a powerful way to cope with stress whether you are simply returning to practice it after a hiatus or creating art for the first time.

In life before this pandemic, we were far too busy to explore what we like or even try something new. The world has now spent months in the throes of this mayhem. Many of us haven’t been able to go outside, visit family or friends, or go about our daily business.

Finding ourselves in this period of isolation, I have discovered that practicing art therapy can help us to get through these times. What may first appear as a depressing quarantine situation, can be developed into a unique opportunity to explore the inner self.

Discover your talent. Bring a feeling of adventure and relief. Use art to get to know you.

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