using art for healing(2)……

The recent passing of my mother made me realise that Grief is an intense sorrow after losing someone close, someone you love. I have been creating every single day since. My art allows me to express extreme emotions of anger and pain in a safe manner. It gives me a feeling of empowerment, capability, and freedom that my loss has robbed me of. I created with various media.

Affirmations used in art work reinforces the resiliency of humans – the ability to create beauty or find hope amidst tragedy is life-affirming.


The other thing I created was a grief mask. So, what are grief masks? First, think of it in a context of hidden emotions. People in bereavement often put up a brave front, or pretend that they are fine when they’re not. You might say they are actually putting on a “grief mask” to hide their true feelings from the outside world.

Next, think of a “grief mask” as a creative tool, a sculpture that can help a grieving person express his true feelings or deep emotions. The making of a grief mask is powerful. As you create the facial form, you can begin to unmask your soul. In this way, your deepest weaknesses, fears, and pain, as well as your strengths and joys, may be brought to the surface. No matter how disturbing you may think your project appears, it is much healthier for you to put in out there in a concrete manner than to keep it bottled up inside.

Creating images can help you experience catharsis (cleansing or purging) of intense emotional pain. Your art can help you understand yourself better and help bring closure to your grief.

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