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Turkey and Greece- A Travelogue in Paint and Paper

           CHANDRIKA GARG – Art and travel

As an artist on the move, this is my third travelogue. On an accidental solo trip to Turkey and Greece, I witnessed the most beautiful sunsets and scenery, delicious local cuisine and met the kindest hosts. I prefer to preserve my memories of adventures and experiences through paints and paper. This travelogue portrays all the emotions I felt during my trip, how I lost my luggage but did not lose hopes, went on exploring cities on my own and took the courage to trek down to Oia on the Santorini Island. My relationship with food deserves a special mention as even a picky vegetarian like me had the best pastas and pizzas on my trip. I traveled with my paints and brushes and started working on the travelogue right in the first flight to Istanbul. All the paintings are an art version of the photographs I had clicked. This travelogue has helped me be better with watercolors. I hope you enjoy you as much as I did painting it!

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