Tangle to Untangle?

When was the last time any of you picked up a paintbrush or a coloring pencil? Maybe it’s been a while, but what about the last time you doodled in your notebook during a meeting?

Most of us, when we think of art, tend to think it’s not for us. Perhaps the thought is that you aren’t very creative, but there’s more to art than merely being ‘good at drawing.’ Allowing our brain, the freedom for some free expression, even doodling, can have a wonderful impact on how we process, retain, and share information.

At this moment in time, when the pandemic has swept our lives, managing your stress and anxiety seems more important than ever, be it child or adult. Perhaps children find it more difficult to express their feelings as opposed to adults who can verbalize how they feel. But having said that, just because adults have more experience with language than children doesn’t necessarily mean they are any better at understanding their own emotions and telling others what they’re experiencing.

Personally, I find it quite hard to articulate what hurts and why.

So, I decided to try to understand and visualize my anxiety and stress. This being a pivotal first step in order to control it. I discovered Zentangles during my days as an art teacher and have practiced “tangling” ever since. I keep a notebook that I “doodle “in whenever and wherever.

Zentangle was created with the promise that anyone can do it, even if they think they can’t draw well enough to create something beautiful. I have found that drawing Zentangles creates a feeling of accomplishment and helps to pass the time in a thoughtful, healing way. Drawing patterns that allow my brain to enter a state of peaceful flow reduces anxiety and helps promote a feeling of peace, slowing down time, and allows me to focus on the present moment. I usually begin by taking a moment to feel gratitude and express appreciation for the materials and the opportunity to create something beautiful. I have found that representing anxiety as an abstract concept helps me to develop strategies to recognize it when I feel it coming on and to deal with it appropriately

There are plenty of blogs on the internet about zentangles to take a look at. I promise that you will find an increase in focus and creativity, artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well-being.


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