A sun-above-the-cloud moment

Most of us have been on a flight to somewhere on a cloudy day. As the plane takes off, the skies are dark and overcast. Slowly, we gain altitude and enter the clouds, dense and opaque on the inside. And then, in the next instant, we break through the cloud to be greeted by an explosion of vibrant sunshine and expansive blue skies.

The sun had been there the whole time.

Even when the sky is filled with dark gray clouds, one is assured that above those clouds the sun is out.

That’s the reality we’re facing together today. When we only focus on what’s below the clouds, the picture we’re facing can look really hopeless. The key for each of us is to remember that the sun’s still shining even if we can’t see it, and eventually the clouds will break. And, just as an airplane does, we too, must keep climbing and ascending until we break through difficulties and challenges, knowing that we will ultimately see the sun shining its endless light and warmth on us.

Someday soon, we will wake up to the shining sun and those vast blue skies.

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