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Not averse to verse

Have you discovered blackout poetry yet? Simply put, it is a form of “found poetry” where you choose words that catch your interest or jump out at you, from a newspaper, book, or other printed text – along with a few additional words to make it flow. Then you “redact”

Cleanse your palette

Do you find yourself using much the same colour palette every time? Do you have a signature palette?

Use art to get to know you

If you’ve ever tried creating art as a means to therapy, you understand how restorative it can be. It has the ability to drive creativity, restore your sense of well-being, and help you overcome anxieties and conflicts. So, how do you practice creativity? Writing, drawing, painting, embroidery, knitting, cooking and

The naked truth

As an art student, I learned to share the studio with naked models. As the ‘artist’, when you look at the model, you don’t look at it as a person. That is not to say the model isn’t one. But you are trained to look at them as an object,

The shape of healing

I have lots of time to think while I have my hands in the clay. The week’s stress is poured in to the nature of creating pottery. It is an art medium that requires a lot of attention and focus throughout the process. Each step has its own pitfalls. I

The whirlwind of life

Time spent in my art studio has been productive the last few days. It has been nice exploring acrylics again, indulging myself in straight out -of-the -tube colours. For some reason, now does not seem the time to be timid or subtle. Earlier as I sat in my studio, amidst


A space to be grateful

Acceptance and gratitude in times such as these help us cope. Take care. Seek out joy where you can. Reach out where you need to. Stay connected to what nourishes you.

IMG_E8880 (2)

Finding Beauty Everywhere

Beauty can be found in almost everything,even in these trying times. The key thing is to look for it.


Mixing media and inspiration

Having fun with Alcohol inks. I have only discovered this medium recently and am totally intrigued by it

IMG_8277 (2)

All things small and beautiful

Getting out of my comfort zone and venturing into the world of water colours! All thanks to the wonderful tutorials on Youtube…..