I will survive……

With our move back to the country imminent and as the pandemic sweeps through it, my mind is working on overdrive. Planning what I would do to survive and then making sure I have a backup plan. I, somehow, always need a plan B. I know I don’t have an option here, and that only makes me roll up my sleeves and tell myself that I just need to put one foot in front of the other. Just take those steps and that way I know I shall move forward. These could well be the darkest days for some, but oddly, I stay optimistic and positive.

Oh yes, I do feel sorry for myself from time to time and dip into a sense of sadness and loss. But then, I remind myself that there is no choice my option is not just to survive this, but to do it in style.

Primarily, I am going to survive this for me. There is always something to look forward to. There is always someone to look forward to. It could be your parents. Perhaps your children? People you love and people you are responsible for. It has been easier for me as I have been immensely lucky in my family and friends.

And then, I create. For some, it is writing, music, working out, cooking…… For me, creating art is the best form of therapy (although I have wished I could work out in order to be sorted in my mind as well as my body!)

Find an activity for yourself.

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