Rediscover yourself

I haven’t written here for a while now. And only because I have been having fun doing the things I want to do – creating, playing, meeting people, building a community, following my passion. And what I have learnt from all of that is something so important, so valuable that I don’t believe I will ever choose for things to be any other way. I have rediscovered me.

What do I mean? Wasn’t I always me? Well yes, but I always felt like I was swimming down a rapid flowing river trying to keep up with the twists and turns ahead, that I was working against the backdrop of someone else’s time, structure, values and decisions.

Now I enter my studio every morning with a sense of relief and calm.  This is no river.  This is a serene pool big enough for me to play, create, and best of all push myself in directions I choose to take.  I am on a steep learning curve and I still don’t fully know what I don’t know.  But that is one of the best parts.

My day is filled with supporting others, making decisions, designing new approaches and building relationships. I make my own schedule and align it to when I am most productive.

How I choose to show up is closely aligned to my brand. And my brand is me.  I have finally discovered that I don’t have to “show up” in a role. I don’t have to “fit in” to other’s norms. I don’t have to play a game with shifting rules.

Instead, I am discovering what it feels like to live my own values.  If I don’t think a client is right for me, I refer them to someone else.  If I want to try my hand at developing online courses as part of what I offer, I can do it.

So, what does all this freedom really mean?  I actually get to be the authentic me.  And it feels amazing! My stress has reduced substantially and my work life balance is well tuned. Very little rankles me anymore. I have ample energy for all the right things like family, friends, healthy living, and new interests.


And best of all, I can live my purpose of supporting individuals to find joy in their creative process.

Being my authentic self will ensure success in my business and my life.

I am not for a second suggesting everyone should work for themselves. Entrepreneurship is hard work and takes time and passion to reach the point of making a good living.  It isn’t for everyone.  But it doesn’t mean you can’t live your life on your terms. My sister works in academia and loves it.  A close friend works for a small organization devoted to improving the lives of children. Both women enjoy their work and have created a lifestyle that allows them to be who they truly are.  Sure, there are always compromises, but knowing you can be the best version of yourself every moment of the day is liberating.

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    Best version of yourself 🥰🥰💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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