It’s the end of the year—that time where we pause for reflection on our wins and losses. We think about the goals we didn’t achieve and give ourselves a little grace because in a few days we have an opportunity for a fresh start.

“I’m going to do it, this time,” we tell ourselves, just like we did a year ago in December.

Guess what? Resolutions are useless without a firm realization of knowing who you are, what you’ve been born to do, and where you want to go. Once you reconcile these statements with clarity and conviction, you are more likely to stay focused and committed to the goals you set for yourself.

For me, earlier this year, the journey to realizing there is a “more” to my life began with an epiphany: There is a difference between my livelihood and my calling (although ideally, it should be one and the same). I came to learn that my livelihood is what I am paid to do. My calling is what I am born to do. My livelihood is a display of my skills, or work performance that satisfactorily meets an employer’s objectives. On the other hand, my calling is a display of my specialization, or work that highlights and maximizes my unique gifts and talents. While my livelihood allows others to determine my worth, my calling allows me to determine my own worth. My livelihood makes me subject to achieving other people’s dreams and goals. Whereas, my calling gives me control to accomplish my own dreams and goals. In my livelihood, success is defined by money, titles and comparison. In my calling, success is defined by knowing my life’s purpose and following that path.

My calling is the primary residence of my energy, drive, confidence, passion, prosperity and purpose. It is a natural extension of who I am. The impact I can have with my calling is far greater than the impact I might make with my livelihood.
Now, what is your new year’s realization? Who do you want to become in 2023 and beyond? What’s keeping you from breaking out of the confinement of systematic conformity and spreading your wings?
Your life is bigger than you think. There is a “more” to your life. You were born to offer your own unique fruit to the world, and the world is waiting on you.
Let 2023 be your breakout year!

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