Transform with Art

Goodbye, Comfort Zone. Hello, Transformation.

These past few months, change has been knocking loudly at my door and pulling my heart strings in unknown directions far outside of my comfort zone. While we humans fear change and crave the cozy comforts of certainty, it is exactly that that holds us back from creating bigger, deeper, richer and more successful lives.

When was the last time you had a dream, hope or goal that mattered deeply to you, and instead of fully going for it, fear and “real reasons” stopped you? Welcome to the shadow of your comfort zone, your resistance. You cannot see what’s right in front of your eyes because you are locked into a perception of “what is” (resistance is sneaky and will do anything to keep you “safe”!).

During my art lessons, when we are discussing student’s art works in progress, I often suggest that they flip their artwork upside down. Consistently, the response is one of mind-opening surprise. “Wow, how did I NOT see that before?!” Suddenly, a new world of ideas and inspiration opens up.

Similarly, in the art of your daily life, have you noticed where you get stuck seeing, doing, fearing and believing the same (very convincing) beliefs and stories over and over? How do these narratives hold you back from what you most long for? Life is a creative process. Flip your stories, and your resistance and comfort zone, upside down. View things with a completely new perspective. Take new risks. Do something different. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Make some waves.

And so, here I am, on the edge of my comfort zone, re-evaluating my beliefs. What new things should I allow in? What should I keep out? And what should I let go of?

I believe this is called transformation.

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