They say that all great things must come to an end, and sadly that even includes adventures abroad. My time living abroad has come to an end and I have mixed feelings about going home.

Sure, I am really looking forward to seeing old friends, catching up with family and eating at my favourite food stops. But there’s also that nagging feeling that I might not quite fit in at home again.

I have finally got on that plane that will take me home to India. It’s bittersweet.

Living in the Middle East has been incredible. It has been amazing and humbling. The places and people I’ve met there have made me the person I am today. In the last 28 years, I have had some of the most incredible experiences of my life, I have slept in the middle of the desert, I climbed on top of mountains, I’ve swum with dolphins, I have seen the views from the top of the tallest building in the world, I have experienced the feeling inside a wind tower, frolicked with gazelles, I have jumped off a plane,  I have seen countless sunrises and sunsets

I’m scared but also excited for everything that lies in front of me. I am mentally ready to be overwhelmed with emotions, smells and tastes. I am already physically ready to welcome all those familiar hugs, kisses and cuddles I’ve missed.

Am I ready to go home?

Of course not. I thought I would be. But when the moment to board that plane came, it was overwhelming and frightening and exciting. As I walked down into the tunnel to the plane, there were thousands of emotions exploding inside me. Today, I learnt to welcome all these emotions as I know they are all part of the journey, they are all part of life. And I also know that soon enough I will be going back to the other home I’ve created for myself.

But as I went through security, as I got another exit stamp on my passport, as I was sitting in my seat on the plane, I felt stronger. Stronger than ever. Because the journey of life has taught me that I will be fine. I will be fine always and everywhere. In these trying times, with the pandemic, where nothing is constant, I realised that I am my own constant element in the equation of life. My permanent home is inside myself. The perfect place to be.

So yes, after these last 28 years exploring the world, exploring myself, loving the world, loving myself, I am ready to go home.

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