This brand-new day is full of possibilities and promise. So, before someone, or something, tries to grab itaway from me, I would like to claim it as my own. My very own day to spend as I alone choose. How will I spend it?

I will definitely include a second (or third) cup of coffee.A little background music — this might be a nice choice

Having decided to stop working at the school, I have finally achieved the solitude I always dreamed about.Although I will admit that I miss and lack the structure to nudge me into action. It’s an adjustment. But the flexibility to start a project and keep at it until exciting things start to happen is an opportunity to stretch and grow as an artist. I hope I am up to the challenge.

Art is not just part of my life now. It is my life. I am a keen artist, who taught art until recently. For years on end I went to work five days a week, and had to find time to fit my art somewhere into the rest of an exhausting schedule. Even so, I was determined, because art was my saving grace. I kept everything out and ready to go at a moment’s notice, after dinner and for longer stretches on the weekends. I recognized art making as my go-to anti-depressant. It still is.The white paper creative is a blog about painting, drawing, sketching, art history, concept art, gallery art,

digital art, artist tools and techniques, and anything else I find visually interesting. If it has lines, shapes and/or colors, it’s fair game. Anyone one can read this, so I will not be mentioning any names, and will keep any mention of my family to a minimum. There should hopefully still be plenty of interesting things to write about.

I am keeping this introductory posting short, and will sign off for now, but I hope you will join me again soon.

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