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Private Group Intuitive bubble

Ready to re-ignite some fun, excitement, and JOY back into your social calendar? Then this workshop is for YOU and your Bubble!

Use paints and music to reconnect with yourself and each other.  We all know just how much art can re-spark connections, whether it’s a date night, a family evening out or a solo-evening for the soul, you will leave this workshop re-centered and re-connected with your inner self and with each other.

What happens when you combine unique intuitions, paintbrushes, and a space to create together? A fabulous evening of art and connectivity with your soul and each other.

  • Duration: 2 hours on weekends
  • What to expect: 100% interactive sessions of hands-on painting while Anu inspires each of your intuitive steps.
  • What to bring: Just you.  All materials are included.  Just show up with your social bubble of 6 or less and let’s start re-creating!  Please make sure to wear something you won’t mind getting paint on – these private social workshops have been known to get “colorful”!
  • PRICE : 6 sessions – Rs. 7500/- (two hours each session including art material)

Intuitive Painting class

Intuitive art workshops use the small-group format. Participants attend weekly sessions. The artist facilitator’s role is to build a secure enabling place for everyone, to match each one’s personal ability – to help them create an inner dialogue, with moments of joy, free of everyday worries and thoughts.

It’s a splendid tool for recapturing the ability to create, without judging or negative thinking, in every aspect of life. In intuitive art workshops, we let participants have a presence:

  • To listen to voices, music, breathing, to their inner rhythm, and colors
  • To hold a non-verbal dialogue with unconscious levels, and create from a primary place.
  • To access the childlike, joyful place that brims with imagination.
  • To banish self-criticism.
  • To express their selves with authenticity and to lovingly accept all their artwork.
  • Join us for 6 weeks of ongoing class, you can join anytime. all Materials are included.
  • Just register and wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty with.

Let’s Have fun


  • Tuesday - 11:30 -13:30
  • Thursday- 14:00 – 16:00
  • Friday: 11:00-13:00

PRICE– Rs.7000/- including all art material for 6 sessions


Parent and Kid sessions

Looking for some quality time with your kid?Use paints and colours to connect with your child and your inner child.  We all know just how much kids love to play together! You may call it a workshop but your kid will call it a FUNshop. Want to do something creative together? 

Then this workshop is for YOU!  


  • All materials are included.  Just bring your kid and let’s have fun!  Make sure you wear something you won’t mind getting paint on – clothes have feelings too!
  • PRICE : One parent and 1 kid – 2500/-


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