Birthday gift

                Latha Narayanan It was Amma’s birthday  and I wanted to gift her a portrait of her mother – my Ammammai. So dug up an old photograph of hers and started sketching. Morning of Birthday!!! sent the pic of the painting to amma on Whatsapp, I saw the ticks turn

The shape of healing

I have lots of time to think while I have my hands in the clay. The week’s stress is poured in to the nature of creating pottery. It is an art medium that requires a lot of attention and focus throughout the process. Each step has its own pitfalls. I

Looking inward. Finding me.

                                                               Shaiqua Vyas I laugh when referred to as an artist – and even feel embarrassed. I painted in school- enjoyed it, but never great…loved standing in front of the wall of inks….the bright vibrant colours shouting out at me! Our art teacher, an eccentric old lady – my

The whirlwind of life

Time spent in my art studio has been productive the last few days. It has been nice exploring acrylics again, indulging myself in straight out -of-the -tube colours. For some reason, now does not seem the time to be timid or subtle. Earlier as I sat in my studio, amidst

door and bougenvilea

Turkey and Greece- A Travelogue in Paint and Paper

           CHANDRIKA GARG – Art and travel As an artist on the move, this is my third travelogue. On an accidental solo trip to Turkey and Greece, I witnessed the most beautiful sunsets and scenery, delicious local cuisine and met the kindest hosts. I prefer to preserve my memories of


A space to be grateful

Acceptance and gratitude in times such as these help us cope. Take care. Seek out joy where you can. Reach out where you need to. Stay connected to what nourishes you.


Trisha Pais – Art Showcase

Hello!  My name is Trisha and I am a 17 year old girl in grade 13. Art has been a passion of mine for the past 5 years. Art has always been a form or therapy and fun for me. I tend to paint and draw minorities, when I was

IMG_E8880 (2)

Finding Beauty Everywhere

Beauty can be found in almost everything,even in these trying times. The key thing is to look for it.


Mixing media and inspiration

Having fun with Alcohol inks. I have only discovered this medium recently and am totally intrigued by it

IMG_8277 (2)

All things small and beautiful

Getting out of my comfort zone and venturing into the world of water colours! All thanks to the wonderful tutorials on Youtube…..