The circle of life – 1

Creativity journeys are just that, a journey into exploring inward first and then the outward expression that gives birth to the flow of creation. My creativity journey for the past few weeks has been an exploration of mandalas. Mandalas are circular images embraced by the completeness of a circle. The


End Of The Tunnel

                                                  SANJAY BHAT I’ve always liked how light can completely transform a place. I felt a need to do more than my humdrum advertising day job. Before I knew it, I began playing with lighting; I’d spend weekends scouring junkyards for odd, dismantled, and vintage pieces. My interest soon became

Life Lessons

My earliest memory of painting by numbers is from when I was around 13. The Sunday edition of the newspaper would carry a children’s section and I would spend all morning painting. The thought of seeing the image appear as if by magic, is a very vivid one. For the

Sudha Murthy

son of the soil

  AKSHITA METRANI I started my  journey during Corona lock down  and this has gone on to being my passion. Never thought it could take me so long to return to this – from the gusto I had as a child to the zeal I feel for it , now

Not averse to verse

Have you discovered blackout poetry yet? Simply put, it is a form of “found poetry” where you choose words that catch your interest or jump out at you, from a newspaper, book, or other printed text – along with a few additional words to make it flow. Then you “redact”

Confluence at NTU!!

May the music be with you!

The first time I saw a keyboard in the house was when I was seven. It was a Casio keyboard, which my Dad had bought Mum as a birthday gift! Like any other excited kid at that age, I decided to claim ownership of this novel entity, by telling Mum

Cleanse your palette

Do you find yourself using much the same colour palette every time? Do you have a signature palette?


A Spanish Dancer

I consider this painting to be one of my best, I love the colours used and how bright they are! It took me about 13 hours in total and it was a new experience painting on such a large canvas.The most challenging part was getting the shadows on her back

Use art to get to know you

If you’ve ever tried creating art as a means to therapy, you understand how restorative it can be. It has the ability to drive creativity, restore your sense of well-being, and help you overcome anxieties and conflicts. So, how do you practice creativity? Writing, drawing, painting, embroidery, knitting, cooking and

The naked truth

As an art student, I learned to share the studio with naked models. As the ‘artist’, when you look at the model, you don’t look at it as a person. That is not to say the model isn’t one. But you are trained to look at them as an object,